Candy 123 Numbers Kids Video Cartoon Part 1/2 (Candybots) – Learn 1 to 10 Number for Kids
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Adventures with Candy 123 Numbers! Kids!
The Candy factory has just created new Candy friends, each one is a number from 0, 1, 2, 3 … all the way to 9! Help 123s start out in life by learning to write numbers and you will be treated to funny clips of them living out their Candy life!
Candy 123 Numbers will gently guide kids into learning numbers as well as writing them. They will learn to recognize 123s number by sound and pronouncing as well!
Part of the parents-trusted series of Candybots apps, Candy 123 Numbers will bring joy and knowledge to your children.

Standard American-English: Easy to hear, exact American-English that easily helps kids from baby toddlers to recognize numbers in English.
123 Writing tutorials: Children get to learn how to write numbers step – by – step with fun and simple number tracing games.
Educational clips: After each puzzle, kids will be treated to funny cartoons that will help them review, count 123s and remember numbers they’ve learned.
Numbers 1 to 5 are absolutely free!

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