In September 1956 Loulou Gasté composes a song entitled “Pour toi”, intended for Dario Moreno. The interpretation of Dario Moreno has no success. Line Renaud records in turn the work of her husband, who also does not know a considerable success.
In 1974, Morris Albert interpreted in English a song which he says himself: Feelings, published in São Paulo by Augusta Do Brazil, Brazilian publisher. In 1975, this song was re-recorded by Mike Brant who reintroduced it in France under the title Dis-lui. In 1976, Feelings enjoyed worldwide success: 500 different recordings worldwide, and in all languages. This success is also due to the fact that this is one of the last songs recorded by the artist before his death (Mike Brant will never listen to the record). The versions of Feelings recorded in the United States by Elvis Presley and Frank Sinatra will also be very successful. In December 1977, Loulou Gasté discovers that the song that has been in the forefront of hits parades for months is in fact the plagiarism of one of his songs, written about twenty years ago. He also discovers that the publisher is none other than Augusta Do Brazil, with whom he had been in business relations, because he was sub-editing his songs in the 1950s and 1960s. For seven years, before the French and American jurisdictions, Loulou will have to fight to make recognize the paternity of his song. Finding Morris Albert will not be easy, but we’ll end up in California. The plagiarism trial began in June 1981. It will last until July 1987, both in France and the United States. However, thanks to the “signature”, to the “Loulou Gasté touch”, (here an original harmonic transition from the verse to the chorus), American courts recognize, on July 11, 1987, that Loulou Gasté is the author of the song Feelings. Although the other party tries to appeal, December 22, 1988 Loulou Gasté is definitely recognized as the legitimate composer of this song. It is interesting to listen to the different versions of these songs to get an idea.

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