A raw video taken by a cellphone cam to show you how comfortable to travel from Hanoi to Sapa via a sleeper bus. We booked the ticket thru our hostel. We were expecting the 3-row sleeper bus open plan. We were picked up by taxi (free) from our hostel then dropped off to a highway where the bus is waiting, the guy on the bus whispered “you were upgraded” I don’t know what it mean but when we got on the bus we were surprised, it was cubicle-type with lower and upper cubicle bed with curtain for privacy and of course the moving scenries on the full window. It even has a toilet, convenient for my exploding gallbladder 😀

The trip took about 6 hours from Hanoi to Sapa with one stop, about one hour more to Sapa, for lunch. By the way, set lunch is 50K dong, huge meal of chicken, beef, veggies, soup and a mountain of rice ($2).

Sorry for the shaky cam, it’s inside a moving bus and the footage is raw, don’t have time to process.

source: https://jablonec-krkonose.com/

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