1. Open the Zoo Tycoon 2 folder and run setup.exe to install.Close it after installation.No iso’s here, so you can just install it from the folder
working for windows 7,8, and xp both 32 and 64 bit

2. Open African Adventures folder, mount rld-ztaa.iso with deamon tools. Then, go to My Computer and right-click on the mounted image and open it so you can see all the files.
Run setup.exe and install. After installation, close it.

3. Almost same as step 2. Open Marine Mania folder, mount ZT2-MM.mds -My Computer – Right-click on image – Open image – Run setup.exe – Close after install.

4. Now for the ‘tricky’ part. It seems that the Endangered Species folder has 2 weird image files, .bin and .cue. None of them are working with Deamon Tools.
And this is where MagicISO comes in handy. MagicISO can convert .bin to .iso. And thus, it worked! So here’s what you got to do: Download MagicISO google it. Install and run it. From Magic ISO, choose Tools Menu and click BIN to ISO
MagicISO shows BIN to ISO converter window. Choose “Endangered.Species.bin” file. Choose output ISO file name and choose Endangered Species folder as your output folder.
Click Convert Button. You’ve got an .iso. Go to the Endangered Species folder. Right-Click on the iso file and mount it again with Deamon tools. From here: My Computer – Right-click on mounted image – Open – Run setup.exe – Install and close.

5. How to install Extinct Animals. Same as 4, you have to convert the .bin file to .iso. Convert it with MagicISO, and mount it with Deamon Tools.
But here, after you mounted it, you have to run the install from the autorun screen, not the setup.exe. Cause it won’t work that way.
So on the autorun screen, just click the install button and install.
Close it after installation. Copy the “zt” file from “Crack” in Extinct Animals image to your install folder C:Program Files/Microsoft Games/Zoo Tycoon2, replace existing file –
Use that to launch your game and enjoy!

6.In theEXTRA folder there more files to use, you have to copy the files from the downloads to the folder —-shown in the videos

c:/documents and settings/all users/application data/microsoft games/zoo tycoon 2/downloads . make shower that you have turn on the option show hidden files

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