This is just a really quick and easy to follow tutorial showing you how to use the rotate tool in Photoshop to rotate the canvas you are working on. Digital artists use this to mimic traditional style drawing and to make things a little easier.

In the tutorial I show you where you can find the rotation tool down the left hand sidebar, it may be the hand tool for some people, if so just right click this and the rotation tool will be there. simply click and drag to rotate your canvas in Photoshop.
Also holding shift whilst rotating your canvas makes it rotate equal spaces along with making it easier to straighten back up afterwards. Alternatively you can actually type in the angle you want your page to be at to get it exact.

There are already a few tutorials on rotating the canvas in Photoshop but a few people were asking me so I decided I would just make a quick tutorial 🙂
Also I know a lot of people using Photoshop accidentally rotate the canvas every once in a while by accident (happened to me when I first started using Photoshop!) So this tutorial might help by quickly showing you how to straighten your canvas back up and where you can find the reset view button.

I am using Photoshop CS6 in this tutorial but I think it will be very similar or even the same in other versions of Adobe Photoshop.

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