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First prize wins: $60 worth of Steam Game(s)

Welcome to the first Project Contest!

If you missed it, the theme of this month’s project contest is “Minecraft Island Resort”.

For well over a year, Steve has mined and crafted to stay alive and make it to the next day of more mining and crafting. Days seem to fly by like minutes but this particular day will be different. He strikes a large vein of diamonds but that’s nothing new. It’s what goes through his blockhead next that excites him. “Whipped te do. I probably have more diamonds than Notch now… hmm… Notch, where is my main man? That’s it! I’m going on vacation! Boo ya! Island resort here I come! ” And just like that, Steve books a stay at your island resort and jumps in his raft. What’s that? You don’t have an island resort? Well, we have the island and you’ve got three weeks to make the ultimate vacation spot for Steve. Make sure it’s a stay he won’t forget.

Contest Hosted by:

Video by ChadTheDJ

Music by Tyler Clark

Map by inHaze

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