VIETNAM vs UAE 0-0 | Highlights | AFC U23 Championship 2020
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(Football video, football results, U23 Vietnam – U23 UAE, Group D Group stage U23 Asia 2020) U23 Vietnam started the U23 Asia 2020 journey with a match against U23 UAE. The West Asia team is really a difficult opponent to play with the teachers and teachers of Park Hang Seo.

U23 Vietnam is the current runner-up of the Asian U23 tournament. And in this tournament, teachers and coaches Park Hang Seo in Group D, where there are also the presence of U23 UAE, U23 Jordan and U23 North Korea. Therefore, the match against U23 UAE has an extremely important meaning, greatly affecting the journey to conquer the tournament in Thailand of “Golden Stars”.

Coach Park Hang Seo launched what was considered the best match for the match. Except for Ho Tan Tai, Mr. Park used Quang Hai, Hoang Duc, Tien Linh, Ha Duc Chinh and other important factors. Meanwhile, U23 UAE also began its group stage journey with an array of players of extremely uniform quality, including individuals capable of creating big mutations.

Therefore, the first 45 minutes took place in a tug of war. U23 UAE is the better team in terms of the game, with the ball control time up to 63%. Meanwhile, U23 Vietnam proved to know its people, played slowly but was also ready to launch extremely dangerous counter attacks with a total of 6 finishes, compared to 5 on the U23 side of the UAE.

The most significant situation in the first half of U23 Vietnam was a corner arrangement situation in the 29th minute. Both Duc Chinh and Tan Sinh had the opportunity to open the score, but failed. At the end of the first half, the U23 defense in Vietnam was not good and faced many times in danger. Anyway, the score 0-0 is also a good premise for U23 Vietnam towards good results in the second half.

After the break, U23 Vietnam tried to regain the game. However, while the attack has not created a mutation, the defense has made a mistake. 48 minutes, Tan Sinh fouled Ali Saleh. The referee originally determined to be a penalty for U23 UAE, but then VAR technology determined to be a foul point outside the penalty area. Also, fortunately for U23 Vietnam, Tan Sinh does not have to receive a second yellow card in this situation.

Up to 62 minutes, Vietnam U23 also lost a controversial penalty. Hoang Duc takes a shot from inside the penalty area. According to the video, the ball hit a U23 UAE player, but VAR technology determined there was no penalty for U23 Vietnam.

In the game, there was no team to take advantage of the opportunities that they created. In the end, U23 Vietnam and U23 UAE drew 0-0 in the match. In the second match, the teachers and teachers of Park Hang Seo will face Jordan U23 on January 13.

Score: U23 Vietnam 0-0 U23 UAE

U23 Vietnam: Bui Tien Dung, Tan Sinh, Thanh Chung, Duc Chien, Ngoc Bao, Thanh Thinh, Viet Anh, Quang Hai, Hoang Duc, Duc Chinh and Tien Linh

U23 UAE: Mohammed Al Shamsi, Mohammed Ali Shaker, Khalifa Al Hammadi, Majed Surour, Zayed Al Ameri, Ali Saleh, Jassim Al Baloushi, Abdullah Ramadan, Yahya Nader, Majid Rashid, Saeed Suwaidan


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